Lets talk Paradox & cardio-kickboxing

I was told by someone that some people have the wrong idea of what we do at Paradox. At Paradox you only punch a bag. You will not get punched or punch anyone else. We are not a sparring gym or a rough and tough kick ass fighting gym. During some classes the instructor will walk around and do mitts with you which is so fun! Check out our Facebook or Instagram page and you will see we have cardio-kickboxing group classes that are 1 hour.

Cardio-kickboxing is not just for women or for people of a certain age. We have some 13 year olds that come with their parents and we have 70 year olds that participate several times a week in a class. We have all ages and all fitness levels.

Cardio-kickboxing is a good fitness choice for those looking to burn calories for weight loss, or to improve stamina and heart health. People who become easily bored with stationary cardio equipment will enjoy our classes which are fast paced and have many new movements. Our classes will challenge you but you can work at your own fitness level. There is no judgement at Paradox. We are only successful if your are successful. We want to help you with your goals.

As the cold weather approaches and the holidays arrive it is a great time to check us out. We have a great 7 days for $7 promo that you can purchase on our website. The first of the 7 days begin on November 14th. You can come one day or all 7 days. It is a great way to try cardio-kickboxing. On November 21st we will begin Black Friday week. Keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and our website for those great promo’s.

We hope to meet you soon. At Paradox we promise that at each and every class you will get a great workout along with having some fun and being part of a wonderful community.


At The Meadows, suite 218

Lake St. Louis MO 63367



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