Come see us at The Meadows In Lake St. Louis next to Bath & Body. 

 First Kickboxing session

is complimentary 

Our Pricing starting January 1, 2022

 6 kickboxing sessions for $45 (New members only)

10 classes $160   (expires 3 months from sign up date)

3 months unlimited, $130 per month

6 months, unlimited, $120 per month

12 months, unlimited, $110 per month


PERSONAL TRAINING by appointment only

with Kristine Scholl, certified personal trainer.  

$75 per hour.

Group Personal Training with Kristine

M&W @5pm

T&T @ 6am

$20 per session

Only 4 slots open per each class.

Contact Kristine for a consultation, text or call 314-922-7763.


At Paradox we are excited to help you with your fitness goals.  

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Kickboxing Class


Why is kickboxing a great Team Building Exercise?

Builds Relationships & Communication

Keeps everyone fit 

Fun and releases stress

Helps in developing problem solving skills

Promotes continuous self improvement.  

Bring your team in for 60  minutes of kickboxing.